6 tips to master Tiktok marketing campaigns

If you have a brand and you don’t know how to start on TikTok, this article if for you. Tiktok is still new, brands and marketers are still unsure on how to use it well to drive conversion and what to do for a successful launch on Tiktok. We will review in this article a few tips so that you can be sure to be successful on Tiktok and maximize your revenues.

  1. Follow active and recent TikTok Trends
    TikTok hashtag trends and challenges is where you want to look at if you’re searching for inspiration for your next posts. Posting on an active challenge can really give a lot of views.
  2. Give comments and Encourage Comments on Your Posts
    The number of comments shows how much people are engaged into your content. The number of views is not all ! Pushing on commenting on your videos will tell the TikTok algorithm that your video is special and it will boost its potential.
  3. Post post post and post again
    In the Instagram world, posting too much is considered as Spam, in TikTok world, posting a lot is just showing interest in TikTok app. Top 2 Tiktokers worlwide post respectively 26(@charlidamelio) and 16(@lorengray) videos per week. So you can post a lot and that will be welcome on TikTok.
  4. Make interesting videos and encourage to watch the video until the end
    Watching the video until the end is a great way to show that a video is interesting. That’s why famous creators tend to look for video tips to keep the audience until the end. You’ll also see never ending videos on TikTok. They have success not because these are good videos, but because they hacked the algorithm by making people wait until the end of the video and even watch it multiple times.
  5. Produce Brand content through Micro influencers
    People skip ads, but they watch other people’s content. Brand content is now a great way to show your product to a community. Try to look for small influencers (few thousands followers) having a niche. This can lead to amazing results and the influencer will be cheaper (ROI way better). Use a tool like Tokfluence to find the right influencers and in quantities, you’ll be able to export their contact and send them a proposal.
  6. Include influencers regularly
    Including bigger influencers on a regular basis is a great way to level up your brand. Do not hesitate to change influencers from time to time to target new communities.

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