The Best TikTok Influencer Search Tool

Using Tokfluence to Build Your TikTok Influencer Campaign

With TikTok being the fastest growing social media platform, there’s no wonder why brands are jumping at the chance to establish their presence in that digital space. The app has over 800 million active accounts and that number only continues to grow as the viral trends are reaching more and more people. Successful marketing on TikTok begins with the right influencers. TikTok influencers are growing their pages quickly and their followers are passionate which is why their trends have been all the rage on social media these days. Here is why Tokfluence is the Best TikTok Influencer Search Tool.

About Tokfluence

Tokfluence is the number one TikTok influencer search tool that allows brands the opportunity to connect with millions of influencers. It’s more than just a search tool though, it is a team of people dedicated to ensuring you run a successful campaign; from the easy search to campaign management to the IRM. This is TikTok influencer marketing made simple!

How Does it Work

TikTok is emerging as a massive player for brands looking to run influencer campaigns and with the growth of the platform, new influencers are popping up all the time. Tokfluence manages these records of influencers so you don’t have to and we’ve designed a tool to help you easily track down the right influencer for your campaign.

TikTok search tool

Starting the search is simple by signing up for a free account so that you can keep track of potential candidates for your campaign. Once you’ve done that you now have access to more than six million people who can help promote your brand. You can search using up to twenty different criteria to ensure that you are accurately choosing the people who meet your brand’s needs. But Tokfluence doesn’t only help you identify influencers, we also help you get connected by including their available contact information that we aggregate from different sources. 

It really is that simple to launch a TikTok influencer campaign because Tokfluence gives you the tools you need in order to identify and contact the right influencers for your campaign. Our team of dedicated professionals aim to help you succeed with your campaigns through the option to manage it for you. The challenges of maneuvering the novel world of TikTok influencer marketing is one less worry with Tokfluence. 

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