How to use Tokfluence to find the best TikTok influencers?

It’s only been three years since TikTok made its first appearance, and it’s safe to say this social media platform has exploded since then. With over 800 million active users creating and sharing short videos globally, it has opened several doors to different realms of the digital universe. From consumers to brands, everyone has an opportunity to be a TikToker. Wondering how to find the best TikTok influencers ?

Hello TikTok Influencers!

TikTok Influencers have created a dynamic world within digital. From nano influencers (between 1k to 10k followers) to elite influencers (1M+ followers), they have built themselves as their own brands, each targeting audiences with unique interests similar to their own. Not only do TikTok Influencers create engaging videos for pure entertainment, but they also create videos to raise awareness and promote products. Because of their powerful TikTok footprint, brands are turning to Influencer Marketing for assistance with brand awareness and ROI. (return on investment). 

Influencer Marketing is for brands who want to ‘humanize’ their product and bring it to life. Partnering with TikTok Influencers means they will have access to the influencer’s huge fanbase that trust, listen, and engage. If something is recommended via an Influencer, chances are, their audience will be interested. That’s not always the case for every influencer campaign, unfortunately. 

An effective influencer campaign results from using relevant influencers during a marketing campaign. You want your product to be exposed to an audience that can relate to three crucial factors: your brand, your product, and your choice of an influencer.  If a brand fails to target a TikTok influencer that belongs in the same niche, it will be difficult to achieve desired results. 

To have a successful campaign and find proper influencers that fit your business needs, it’s crucial to have an influencer Marketing platform intertwined in your marketing strategy. With the help of Tokfluence’s platform, not only will you find unique TikTok Influencers that fit your business needs, but you can also manage your influencer campaigns from the same platform. Our goal is to make TikTok for business simple and most importantly, effective. 

Hello Tokfluence!

With over 6 million influencers and 20 different search criteria’s on our influencer marketing platform, brands have the power to find the best TikToker who meets their needs by searching, filtering, and organizing. After narrowing down options to potential TikTok Influencers, Tokfluence continues to make it simple – contact information is provided for the chosen influencers. Also, brands will have access to the amount of content posted, likes, and engagement rates to further evaluate if their choice is practical.

With a successful connection and interest from both sides, it will eventually be time to launch an influencer campaign! Of course, this means monitoring progress and effectiveness. With Tokfluence, brands will be able to manage their campaign as well. Our campaign manager allows selected TikTok influencers to be organized and exported. This way, brands can have all of their Influencer information and campaign information within one destination. 

Whether the focus is beauty or food, a brand can promote efficiently with Tokfluence’s influencer marketing platform. Our social media tool gives you the necessities to be successful and create effective campaigns that will live forever. Your strategy, your product, and your influencer campaign will collaborate together to bring your end goal to life. Tokfluence is essentially a one-stop-shop for influencer marketing. The best part is, it’s seamless.

Let’s figure out what’s ideal for your brand.

Good luck with your next influencer campaign! And of course, if you have any questions, Tokfluence is always ready to continue making it simple. Reach out to us.

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