Facts About TikTok

Many of you may still be struggling to understand TikTok because the app is so new. Don’t worry you’re not alone this blog will hopefully help you get a sense of how the app works and possibly even encourage you to begin establishing your brand on the platform. 

Here is a list of facts about TikTok:

TikTok has the highest follower engagement rates per post.

For TikTok influencers accounts with a follower count between 10,000 and 100,000 users, the average engagement rate is more than 7%. Whereas Twitter and Instagram are reaching an average of 0.4% and 2.1% respectively for the users with the same amount of followers. This is great for brands because you are more likely to have your audience engaging with posts for and about your brand on TikTok than on any other social media platform. 

The app has hit more than 800 million active users worldwide.

TikTok is currently the fastest growing social media platform. For brands interested in reaching Gen Z audiences, you should probably be on this app at least simply for the sake of keeping up with trends. But it’s a great platform to establish your brand because nearly half of the total users are between the ages of 16 and 24. 

TikTok is used by 2 million more women than men in the U.S. 

TikTok has a higher reach among women than men which is useful demographic information for developing your consumer profile. 

TikTok users spend an average 52 minutes on the app per day.

When you’re creating content, you want to be sure that the audience is going to see it. Most users get on the app daily and for almost an hour per day. However, time spent on the app does vary so be sure to do more research on your specific audience demographic. 

TikTok is available in 155 different countries.

TikTok is a global platform that allows you to reach your audience regardless of their geographic location. This also gives you the opportunity to partner with international influencers to boost your brand growth in foreign countries. 

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