Popular Brands on TikTok

You’ve probably already heard about the hype surrounding TikTok, or maybe you’ve seen some of its funny, viral videos. Regardless of how you discovered the app, just know that it is here to stay. Many marketers and brands have been exploring options to expand their following to TikTok, but struggle trying to develop their voice on this platform. If you’re in this boat then keep reading to be inspired by what others are doing to gain success on TikTok. 


The NBA has taken a much more casual approach to TikTok than they typically would on platforms such as YouTube or Instagram. Their approach here makes the brand more relatable to younger fans through humor and by giving behind the scenes looks. Follow the link to see their latest posts. 

Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty and other beauty brands are using TikTok as a way to incorporate the consumers as part of their image. Rihanna’s very well known cosmetics company uses the platform to give their followers exclusive sneak peeks, but also post videos by them. By doing this Fenty Beauty is creating community with their followers. Check out some of their videos.

Washington Post

The Washington Post has gained notoriety outside of their reporting skills with their TikTok spokesperson, Dave. Dave has become the funny and engaging new face of the Washington Post. He is a relatable personality that many people can now associate with the company making them more recognizable. Here are some of his funny videos. 


The streaming service has endless hours of video content to use and they are definitely taking advantage. Netflix is using soundbites and clips from your favorite shows and movies to create interesting content for TikTok. They are also including fun and entertaining promotional clips on their feed. See their feed here


TikTok and Fortnite are basically a match made in heaven! The game developers at Fortnite are offering a taste of the fun through TikTok by creating fun challenges. Challenges are a great way to get your followers engaged and keep them interested in your content. Check out their challenges here.

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