Top 10 TikTok influencers in France (July 2020)

Hi everyone ! Wondering who are the top french tiktokers ? Here is the updated list of the biggest french accounts for July 2020 thanks to Tokfluence’s data (checkout the end of the article for more information on what we do). Top 10 TikTok influencers in France, here we go !

Interesting facts

Please find the top here:

🧐 Wondering what we do at Tokfluence ?

Tokfluence is an influencer discovery and management tool. We provide a Tiktok search service and a campaign system. We also provide influencer audience analysis. We prefer calling them creators though but what we provide is a huge database with relevant filters so that agencies and companies can find the creators who fit their need and contact them. Then we have a campaign management service and a Tracking solution to follow your campaign KPIs. Please checkout our website for more information: or contact us at

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