Influencer Marketing During COVID-19

Over the past couple of years, influencer marketing has blown up, and there’s no secret as to why.  When consumers want to buy a product they will turn to people they trust for recommendations, and consumers trust influencers.  Influencers live the lifestyle their viewers want to live, so if there is a product that can help the viewers become more like the influencers they will purchase it.  Currently, in the middle of the Coronavirus pandemic, influencer marketing has changed.  People no longer have the same desire or means of purchasing that they previously had.  But this does not mean that influencer marketing must take a halt, it just means that brands and influencers have to adjust.  With the increased amount of time people are now spending on their devices, people turn to influencers more than ever for comfort and to help make critical buying decisions.

Adjusting Content to Better Fit the Situation

Because of our current situation, people are turning to social media more than ever for an escape.  People are looking for fun content that can be used as a distraction, and recommendations for products they can use to raise their spirits.  In order to maintain the trust of the viewers, brands and influencers must pay close attention to the content they present.  Some of the content changes will be automatic, like not going out.  However, some content changes will take some more thinking.  Instead of posting throwbacks to try and maintain their normal content, influencers should demonstrate how to do things from home.  Another way for influencers and their partnered brands to adapt is to add social media platforms that you are a part of.  People are on social media more than ever and are always in search of more content, especially from their favorite creators.  Finally, one of the most important ways in which to adjust content during the coronavirus pandemic is to acknowledge the situation we are all in.  Ignoring the virus will either come off as inauthentic, or make it seem like the influencer doesn’t care.  Either of these options would lead to consumers losing trust in their favorite creators.

Social Responsibility

Brands have a large platform, which means that people might turn to them for guidance. Because of this, there is a certain moral responsibility for businesses to promote health and well-being. Unfortunately, not every business has the financial capital to donate thousands of dollars. Spreading a positive message is also very important, and much more attainable to smaller businesses. Influencers also have a responsibility to spread a positive message during Covid-19, and when partnered with brands the brand can extend their reach.

Maintaining Authenticity

The coronavirus has changed the way everyone lives.  People are no longer going on extravagant vacations or even out to restaurants, so when consumers see that influencers are not behaving in the same way they are it’ll put them off.  Also, people no longer have the financial capabilities they used to due to layoffs or cut pay.  Consumers are less interested in getting recommendations for luxury products than they are for something like loungewear.  This all does not mean that people are generally less interested in buying products, however.  One way to capitalize off of influencer marketing during Covid-19 is to use small influencers.  Unlike big influencers who often live in mansions, small influencers are very relatable.  Consumers don’t want wealth shoved in their face in a period of financial instability for many.

Bringing the Brand and the Consumers Together

Brands’ big goal should be that they want to have as strong a bond as possible with their consumers. After following all these steps, that should not be too difficult. By using influencer marketing, brands can partner with specific people who already have an intense bond and trust with their audience, thereby giving the audience trust in the brand as well.

Covid-19 has completely changed the way that marketers can effectively engage with their audience. By making these changes and paying close attention to the content that influencers put out, influencer marketing can be one of the most effective ways to promote a brand.

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