How to find the best Instagram influencers?

We know it’s hard for a brand or an agency to actually the Instagram influencers that matches your criteria. A lot of parameters can interfere and in the end you just want to enter all of your criteria to filter them out and get in contact with them really quick to see if they can get started. This may seem simple but a lot of things can go wrong during that process and that’s why influencer marketing can take time. At Tokfluence we are here to help you guys be more efficient and find the right influencers for your collaborations. How to find the best Instagram influencers thanks to Tokfluence?

If you are looking for TikTok influencers, our guide is here: How to find TikTok influencers

Filter your search

First, make sure you have a Tokfluence account setup, if you don”t have one already, registration is here: Register to Tokfluence (there is a free plan)

Once you arrive on the search page you’ll see a bunch of search filters. If you want to dig deeper on each of them please visit our dedicated page right here: Influencer search

Obviously the first one you should look at is the Instagram filter that offers you different options like keeping the verified account, as well as filtering on Followers count, Engagement Rate, Number of posts and Minimum number of posts per week.

The magic begins when you start adding Keywords, Hashtags or even mentions to the search. Keywords (from the Bio) and Hashtags (from the posts) are a great way to keep the ones that are in your target, in your thematics and that will be a great match for your campaign.

Get the contact information

When you’ve find the influencers you want to contact, you can get their contact information (email / phone) by either going to their profile or by adding them to a campaign and clickExport“. The export will give you a CSV file containing all the information we have on the accounts and of course the email associated.

I really hope this article could help you guys with your influencer marketing campaigns on Instagram. It is our mission at Tokfluence to make your life easier and if there is anything we can do to help in performing influencer marketing campaigns then please reach out at this email address:

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