Free template to reach out to influencers for a collaboration

Searching for influencers to work with is one thing. But contacting them in a way that they open the message and that they answer you is another challenge. A good copywriting is necessary in order to catch their attention and at least make them open the email. If the influencer opens the email he gives you a chance to show what project you want to do with him. But most of the time, your email will not be opened (if not in the spam folder anyway). Here is a free template to reach out to influencers for a collaboration in order to start prospecting.

3 tips when contacting an influencer

When it comes to contacting creators, please remember:

  1. Add a personalised touch to the email about the latest content or about his/her style.
  2. Be direct and specific about what you’re asking.
  3. Ask about the fee or the process.

The generic template to reach out to creators

This template is short, generic and quite efficient. Remember as well to change the social network targeted and to personalise the message. Just go to the creator profile and watch his/her stories in order to add custom details in the message and show your interest in his profile and content (latest vacations, family events etc.).

PS: You can get emails of influencers directly in Tokfluence, more information here: Tokfluence

I'm FIRSTNAME reaching out on behalf of COMPANY_NAME. I've been following your account for some time and we are now looking for TikTok creators to help engage with our target audience. We'd love to work with you to promote our products.
Let us know if you're interested and what your fee would be.

Please write in the comment what template you use to contact people or what would you change to this one. We would be happy to improve it thanks to your remarks!

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