Search Criteria for Influencer Marketing explained

Here at Tokfluence, we have lots of search criteria to allow you to be as precise as possible ! In this blog post, I will describe and detail each criteria to help you better understand how it works so that you can exploit the full potential of Tokfluence. I will explain all search criteria for influencer marketing.


With the country filter you can filter influencers who live in specific countries.


With the follower filter you can filter influencers based on their follower’s count on TikTok, Youtube or Instagram.

Verified Badge

This filter allows you to display influencers based on whether they have a verified badge on TikTok, Youtube, Instagram or not.

Number of Videos/Posts

It allows you to filter influencers based on their number of TikTok videos, Instagram posts or even Youtube videos.

Engagement Rate

With the Engagement Rate you can filter influencers based on their engagement rate TikTok or Instagram.
Note: On TikTok, the ER is the global engagement rate (see this article for more details). On Instagram, the ER is calculated with likes and comments of the last 12 posts.

Post frequency

It allows you to filter influencers based on their post frequency on TikTok or Instagram. The frequency is expressed in posts per week. For example if the value is 3, it means that the influencer has made 3 videos per week on TikTok during the last few weeks.

Has Email

The “Has Email” filter allows you to only keep the influencer whose email is in Tokfluence database. 
Note: ~80% of influencers with more than 1m followers have a contact email. ~33% of influencers with more than 100k followers have a contact email.


It allows you to filter accounts by gender or if whether or not there is a face on their profile picture.
Note: This is based on machine learning algorithm, so sometimes you could see wrong results. We work hard to be more precise.


It allows you to filter influencers and keep only the ones that have specific keywords in their profile Bios (TikTok + Instagram + Youtube). All keywords are interpreted as a OR query. So for example if you enter fitness and nutrition keywords, it will be interpreted as fitness OR nutrition.
Advice: try to combine as much variations of the same domain as possible. For example, if I am searching for fitness influencers, I will use : fitness, fitboy, fitgirl, fitnessboy, fitnessgirl, fitnesscoach, fitness, …


It allows you to filter influencers that have mentioned (at least one time) another influencer/brand/account on TikTok or Instagram. Just like the keyword search, every account you enter is processed as a OR query. This search is really useful for two reasons :

  • find influencers who mentioned you or your brand
  • find influencers who mentioned competitor’s brand


It allows you to filter influencers that have used at least two times one or more hashtags. It can be a great complement to the keyword criteria to always find more precise influencers. The way to use it is exactly the same as keywords and mentions except that there is one more subtlety. You can do AND query in each OR fragment. Let’s say you want fitness influencers in France or USA you can then query for : fitness & fitnessfrance OR fitness & fitnessusa :

Hashtag search criteria filter screenshot

I hope you can now perform some badass searches just like I do !
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